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02:03pm 04/05/2005
  Yea bitches im done and out of this hell hole for 3 months. Oh the joy and exhuberance. Bliss and tears of happiness take me over. F-U S-U  
02:02pm 30/04/2005
  on the last day of my math class my math teacher told us the people with A's could exempt. As soon as i heard that i was thrilled. But then he says only the people with 98% for higher may exempt. I had a 96%, which i think is high enough in order to exempt an exam. A 96 is as good as a 98 in my eyes. After i asked if i could also exempt since im so close he says 'aww just missed it. Dont worry u will do fine on the final.' Thats not the point, i took the final this morning after studying quite a bit (to make sure i didnt mess up my 96). I hope to hell i got a 100 on his final and fucked the curve up for evryone so that i can rub it in his face that i didnt need to take the final. It only boosts my grade up by like .6 points anyway. what was the good in taking it. it was just an exam that wudnt help my grade, only hurt it. Damn teachers.  
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yes my portfolio   
05:17pm 28/04/2005
  The revisions just keep on piling up. Once i fix the corrections on one paper someone finds more. It pretty frustrating. And i have to do this with 4 essays. If i actually printed everything out i bet there would be 6 or 7 different drafts. What a waste a paper. Ive gotten 2 pretty much done and i still need to write my reflection essay. I guess i better start workin on it for mon.  
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01:55pm 25/04/2005
  Seriously it was like two days ago when i was like ahh only 2 1/2 more weeks of school left til summer, all the sudden that has turned into 2 days (not including exams). I dont know what to do with myself now. I cant wait to get home. Its not that im homesick but i just would rather work and make money than go to school. I miss working, no money matters. I ran out of money just in time for summer, i have a couple gas tank fills and im out. i NEED to work. so im excited on that note, plus i will get home cooked meals again. Fuckin right. no more of this cafeteria shit. Its not that bad but its not mom's. o well all in all it has been an ok year.  
05:51pm 20/04/2005
  Any while everyone else is "celebrating" 4-20 im here bored as a mofo. I cant see goin out and smokin 5 pounds of hash only to go eat the entire menu at Taco Bell. I mean what an expensive hobby, first you have to buy the weed and then u actually smoke ur money away. To top it off you go and spend $20 on dogfood wrapped in tortillas and act retarded. i dont get it.

I want to go out tonite or do something but no, i have to go an early class. At least this is my last full week of school. Ill tell ya this year went by so dam fast. Im not complaining at all. I like this whole fats time going by thing now that im in college.

I havent posted in a while, not because i didnt want but because i havent had a thing to write about. My life has been quite boring, really it has. Im just writing this one so i dont completely fail this class. Im actually scared now of this class, im getting paranoid and nervous about these drafts then my lj entries. I wasnt b4 for sopme reason but now it is biting me in the ass. Dam my procrastinating. Dam it to hell.
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04:10pm 19/04/2005
  Just Another Know-it-all

Here I was struggling through the last dreadful period of the o' so exciting high school daily schedule, Composition I. My teacher was a kind of goofy looking guy who wore nothing but boat shoes everyday so that he could show off his love of his former sailing self. He would sit there and tell us his old sailing stories how his boat 'Olive' was the queen of all vessels and how the wind would talk to him. As 12th graders in his college level class we were unable to comprehend what we soon would be able to. We all thought he was full of shit but he insisted the wind was talking to him. Anyway he was the kind of teacher that made everything difficult no matter the subject of our paper. He would even argue the statement that the grass was green and ask 'Why is it green; what makes it green; what does the grass do?" These were questions we would have to answer in order to make a point. I also recall writing papers on the most awkward things like broccoli and lettuce. Oh, wait, it got better. Try writing a paper, much less a good, on onions. The reason for the awkward choice of topics was for us to write about what we know about. I will always remember his biggest pet-peeve of a stylish essay that started with 'There are many different kinds of... onions or lettuce or tomatoes'; he would quiver in agony and pain just seeing those oh so disgusting essays turned in.

He also got a few shots on his students. Every damn chapter or writing assignment we got he insisted on using the same example sentence; “The dog ate the cheese”. After a few weeks we all grew to hate that sentence and hoped that the dog would choke on the cheese. The story behind his famous essay was his college professor who wrote a book and used the exact same sentence to explain writing examples. Anything was better than writing about vegetables and canines obsessed with dairy products. Writing about produce was not my pitcher of beer.

"Oh-Class" was his way of opening the class period. I can’t get out of my head the immediate ringing of the bell and the anticipating words of 'Oh class' getting our attention. After about one week I always knew what he would say before he even thought of uttering those painfully expecting words. How irritating is it to hear the same thing over and over again. I, at the time was working on the big research paper to finalize my end of the year grade. La di da, I’m trekking along good, (so I think), when he wants to check our progress. Out of all the topics I chose I was lucky enough to pick the very same author he specialized in college, Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). 'WOW'. That was a kick in the nuts if I ever felt one. From there on I knew I wouldn’t be able to bullshit another paper again in my life. So many high school papers are made possible by a good amount of b.s. My beautiful paper soon became a kindergarten drawing of red spaghetti and the word 'NO'. A teachers “NO” is horrible after a week of writing, what a waste. Apparently my conclusion that Dodgson was a pedophile who indulged in child pornography was wrong. This guy was a photographer who enjoyed photographing nude young girls. Another words he was a 19th century Michael Jackson who liked little girls instead.

I got my paper back with his weird and confused (you have to be there to describe it) face, and say 'fix it'. After bitching about it for two days I finally realized what I had done wrong. Writing papers was something I thought didn’t need much research. My b.s. finally bit me in the ass. How hard could an author biography tie in with his writing? At the time I was more worried about my grade than personal performance. That’s when you have to realize it and read deeper and avoid the obvious conclusions that an ignorant person would say. I guess my overall experience in his class was once of much confusion, but great appreciation. Dr. Eliason made a really big difference in my life because he taught me that writing can work with any topic and any view as long as you put your open mind to it without being wrong and jumping to conclusions.
11:05pm 11/04/2005
  Ill be the first to come out and say it, im not the same person in person as i am online. To me being online and writing is something that i can be more to the point and strong about. Writing just seems easier to me when im online. No matter who i am talking to i can say or ask anyting with at least 5 times more ease than in person. Im somewhat jealous of myself. I can express myself easier and without a second thought. It is a good thing at times but i can get myself into trouble pretty quick, its easier for my mouth to relinquish some words i wouldnt think of saying saying. I actually do become someone else. Being online allows me to not worry about what im saying, instead opf watching my mouth in public so not to offend anyone. I can stuff like fuck, shit, cock, balls. See its easy. Lets all say it together, "fuck shit cock balls". I love it online. Guido Buccelli is an unrelenting bastard, but Vinny Iuppa is a courteous and respectful humanbeing.  
12:36am 09/04/2005
  today was quite nice, actually it was boring as a mofo. I said goodbye to my gf and them sat here for about 2 hours playin fifa 05. which isnt that bad, i love that game. I did manage to put that contoller down and managed to go to the baseball game. Other than the fact we won i also caught a foul ball somehow. so i got a free game and a souveniour. now im just sittin here with a dominos pie gettin fat. Im really goin to have to run tom, hardcore.  
More cops   
09:41pm 04/04/2005
mood: gloomy
I am the most unlucky person ever and the worst speeder ever. Not 1 month after my last speeding ticket i got another today. This one was in deland. Im fucked, very fucked but not in the good way. He got me speeding while i was making a pass to get into the turning lane. Asshole, he cud have givin me a warning, but no he felt the need to make it a point and give me a good ol citation. I bet if i had huge c-cups and a low shirt he would have let me off, or even a dozen dunkin donuts. Its still my fault but i hate the fact that he was there.
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For Fun Essay due soon!   
05:41am 03/04/2005
mood: satisfied
The fun life of a middle teenager in a city which he feels so confined and bound to. That city was Clearwater. Pretty urban to most people. I hated the fact that there was nothing to do when there was so much to do. I was a puny junior in high school when I discovered ‘the office’. I remember my first years of high school so clear because they were so bad. My first day, scratch that, my first week was the worst ever. I knew absolutely no one and wasn’t too good at starting conversation. Luckily for me my sister was a junior at the same school. I had to put myself through the embarrassment of eating lunch with her and her friends. Sitting with her was like still holding my mom’s hand when we went places. My lack of friends eventually took its toll when it came to the weekends. Nothing to do and no one to do nothing with. I knew I had to do something fast because my sister and her friends aren’t going to eat lunch with me until I graduate.

My first year wasn’t anything spectacular. Same with my sophomore year. I made a few acquaintances but none to call friends, you know those who you talk to but can’t really stand but it’s better than yourself because you start to annoy yourself than others. That year breezed by and my sister and her friends graduated. So long to my friends. Now was the time for me to start my social life. I started talking with these guys who seemed kind of like me. One night they invited me out to ‘the office’. What the hell is ‘the office?’ I’ve heard some kids talking about how they went to ‘the office’ and so and so did this and it was so funny. I took my chances and decided to go, what the hell, couldn’t hurt my social life anymore than it is.

My friend’s name was James. His dad owns this home, which he uses as an office. Where I come from there aren’t very many wooded areas but this office was tucked in some off a road. This house is something out of the typical scary teenager horror film. Some maniac with a chainsaw was always around the corner hunting his next victim. I had also met another friend, David, who voyaged to 'the office' from time to time. The stories of this place consisted of underage drinking and one-night stands, but in actuality it meant so much more.

I vaguely remember my first adventure there. All hopped up on vodka helped my amnesia. Even today there are only videos that serve as my memory of that wonderful night. At first it was a cool place to go because I could drink with my friends and not get caught. But as the year went on it became a place to live and enjoy my youth. I had started going there almost on a weekly basis even if it meant me not drinking. After a few months my friendships grew and more of them arose. My shyness had always a problem until I went to 'the office'. In a way my drinking cracked my shell for all to see who I actually was. I can recall one of my female friends saying to me "Wow you really came out of your shell this past year." It felt good to be myself, I forgot what that felt like.

I also met another soon to be good friend Mark. Man could this kid drink. He once had three quarters a handle of vodka had a few beers after that and didn’t even puke. After my first rendezvous with vodka the smell of it was enough to make me sick. David, James, Mark and myself grew quite close the last year and a half of high school. Our bonds grew and trust along with it. There were many late nights at 'the office' talking about whatever. Sometimes they were serious and most of the time it was raw unadulterated comedy. The best in high school were spent by far between us guys. Going to 'the office' soon became popular to other people at our school. There was laughing (lots of it), drinking (even more), drama, hookups, singing, and joking. The hookups part was true. there were four people to lose their virginity in the back room of 'the office'. Not me though....! No matter the event the office was the place to gather, poker night, homecoming party, New Years, Christmas Night, birthdays, and any other excuse to party.

Being at the office meant growing bonds with the guys and the beginning of life long friendships. To all others on the outside we were just a a bunch of drunken teenagers, not that we weren’t though. to this day I still talk to those same three guys, we are still close no matter where and will always remember what was once 'the office'. The things one learns when they don’t know they are even being taught are amazing.
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the asses in charge of classes   
06:43pm 31/03/2005
  How the hell am i supposed to sign up for the classes i need for my major when the pre requisite i need to enroll is the class i have now. why cant the system recognize that. it is just retarded, now i have to go to my advisor after this semester is over and get into those classes if they are still available. this is bullshit, now im forced to take gay fuckin classes.  
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12:14am 31/03/2005
mood: giddy
Wow im all hopped up on sour starburst jelly beans. MMMMMM. Anyway, what a weekend, I dont advise anyone who plans on drinking to eat Kobes before. Not the best idea. I swear that was the worst puke i ever puked in my life. Enough about that, theres nothing like grabbin a cold beer on a friday night knowing you dont have school the next day and sittin with ur friends. Last thurs was my girlfriends birthday. it was nice, as i said we went to Kobes. If you havent been there i wud try it sometime. Its only like 25-30 min away off I4. If you dont know, they cook the food right in front of you. Our chef ended up givin me and some other guy a shot of vodka so i got more than i bargained for. After that we just went back to her sisiters apartment and hung out. Ill tell u there is nothing like hangin out with friends. it beats goin out to clubs and bars by far. id take a friends house over a club anyday. maybe the reason is i cant get into those clubs yet...idk.

O man i am getting freakin old. I went home for Easter break and my family had everyone over, like we always do for every holiday. The thing was i saw my cousin who is in 6th or 7th grade and he is going through puberty. What the hell. His voice was geting deeper and he is filling out. I didnt even go through puberty yet LOL. Its just weird seein those youngens around me startin to grow up.
Dog trainer   
08:32pm 22/03/2005
mood: okay
Ok OK this one one i could actually understand, or so i think. I got the jist of it, i feel like she is trying to tell herself throughout the entire essay that her dog is replaceable. She really loved her dog and expresses that in the first part by saying he was immortal. Anything immortal to someone has to be of some importance. She keeps going to her study at the University of Pennsylvania that the period for getting over a dog is three months. She never said how long ago her dog died until the end, 10 years. It obviuosly took her longer than three months to mourn over her dog but she tried to keep telling herself that they are replaceable. Same breed, as soon as possible. I guess as soon as possible for her was 10 years.
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11:37am 22/03/2005
mood: lethargic
I just never really realized how much i hate math until i got into the whole numbers AND letters thing. As if just numbers werent hard enough to fuck around with some 16th century asshole had to add in an x and a y to fuck with all of us. Leave it simple, just numbers. Thats what math is, finding numerical anmswers, not a crossword puzzel. I just dont get when Im actaully going to use the derivative of the log formula in my career unless im a math teacher (which in no way i would even consider).

Damnit im getting a cold. I think I got it from some numnuts who had something at the OAR concert. Some dirty bitch prolly coughed or got too close to me and infected me with their dirty germs. That son of a bitch.

Moving on, I gave up alcohol for Lent, what a mistake, especially living here. Now all my free time had to go into school, eating, and playstation 2. I wudnt advise anyone to try it. I did it just because i wanted to see if i could do it. I didnt really get any support from my friends when they found out about my challenge. It was tough but now its over. Screw the church for actually making Lent 48 days long instead of 41. They added an extra week on, for what? Im not waiting until sunday, im starting thursday.
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People and Places (it sux and im so unsure about this topic)   
02:51pm 21/03/2005
mood: grumpy
Just like a tourist here in Florida stands out with their tall black socks, their sunscreened noses, the camera hanging from their neck, and the oh so fashionable fannypack around the waste, we Americans can be noticed in an instance in Europe. As soon as we got off that plane in Rome we could see the money signs in the eyes of the taxicab drivers. Europeans must have a different idea of what a tourist looks like because none of us were dressed like the typical tourist. All through out our trip through Rome, Naples, and Florence it was the same. We became more noticeable once we visited a small town in Sicily called Geraci, where my father grew up. It felt like we were being watched every step we took. One difference between Americans and Europeans is the way they treat tourists in their country. We are not known to be so inviting. We mock and are more or less unwelcoming people. Going to Europe on the other hand is a different stroy.

The generosity displayed by the Italians was quite unexpected; it was like a snowy day in Florida. I can recall one incident in Rome when my family and I went to a restaurant one evening and they didnt have an open table at the moment so the matre di brought us a bottle of champagne to apoligize for the wait. Our first reaction was 'How much is this going to cost.' Where in America would we recieve a free bottle of champagne for waiting to be seated. Its bad enough if you ask to get a drink at the bar without some impatient blonde hostess who has an attitude. To think about it it's quite embarassing if one were to take a European visitor out to dinner only to get a rude attitude. Their idea of dining out is that the customer is the number one priority to the establishment, they must keep them happy so they may return. Not here. The minute a person goes into TGI Fridays and expects to be pampered and waited on hand and foot it becomes a problem. It seems the Europeans are still knowledgeable in the service industry and what it is all about.

It wasnt only at the restaurant we recieeved special treatment. As I said my father grew up in Sicily, we met up with a cousin he hadnt seen in over 20 years. To say they were hospitable is an understatement. Even within short notice we were taken out to eat and have a good time Italian style. I cant count how much food was brought out or keep track how many wine bottles were emptied into our stomachs. To this day it was one of the greatest meals I have ever indulged myself upon. Not for the reason the food was good but because the company and the environment made that food the most delicious ever. I felt like a movie star being pampered with all I wanted to drink and eat. i was amazed at how these people whom only my dad had met, which was over 20 years ago, were so generous to us. I found myself trying to total up the feast's amount. That was my American side in me. To them the money wasnt important. It was all about family and having a good time. Americans somehow that virtue amongst other things That was my most memorable experience of Italy.

Being a tourist in Italy was like being famous. The treatment and the attention from the natives was quite nice. Sometimes it doesnt matter good or bad it just feels good to be noticed. Their treatment is nothing like the treatment we give our tourists. Its like everyone is a terrorist and wants to blow something up or they are a hassle to deal with. I confess Im guilty. Im probably the first one to criticize an out of towner for their lack of driving ability. As soon as I see that license plate and it doesnt say Florida at the top you will get a mouthful. We seem to not appreciate those who vacation here in the US. Its quite embarassing to see how they live then come to the American way of welcoming tourists.
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Identity Writing   
11:36am 15/03/2005
  I can remember sitting in my serior year dual enrollment course of ENC 1101 and writing the most rediculous papers. The papers werent what really bothered me now that I look back. It was the style of writing we were taught and now trying to write in the total opposite style. I was never ever allowed to use the word 'you' in any of my essays or papers. How the hell can I not use 'you' in an essay. It was suicide If you...i mean, one, chose to put it in their essay. Everything we wrote had to be subjective (I think that is the right word). A few months ago i walked into Dr. Oneills class thinking it was another boring writing class where I cant use 'you'. No, to my luck she taught in the complete opposite. Awesome by the time I learned to write one by having it branded on the base of my brain I am now being barraged with a new and difficult writing style, the personal essay. Well duh Vinny arent all essays personal? Apparently not. I guess writng about a time my dog bit me on the ass isnt enough. Dr. Oneill said it had to be subjective and objective. Call me stupid but I didnt know what the hell a ________tive is when I got into her class. A personal essay is just more than your account of something, so Ive been branded with. What I didnt get was I had to make a personal essay make sence to others, its a PERSONAL essay. To me this was the hardest type of essay to write. I couldnt get it right. Slowly but surely its coming to me but im still rusting. Not to mention the little Eliason (my ENC 1101 teacher) is standing on my shoulder when I'm writing screaming 'No' whenever i put a 'you' in somewhere and write from an I point of view. That reminds me, every paper we wrote could not be from our point of view. He said that was because we were itty bitty dumb college freshmen and who the hell would listen to what we have to say. Dr Oneill obviously thinks otherwise. It was just hard for me to switch styles of writing so quick that were so different. Now I have Dr Oneill standing on my other shoulder fighting with Eliason when im writing.  
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im back   
05:48pm 14/03/2005
mood: nervous
Well i hope all had a wonderful spring break. I sure as hell didnt. my girlfriend has her break now while im back to school and i didnt go anywhere or do much of anything. I went to good ol clearwater florida. it wud have been better but the weather sucked, rainy and cool, and overcast. Definitely not beachweather unless you are a tourist. Speaking of them how the hell do they go in the ocean when the gulf temp is 65 degrees! I didnt see a single florida native in the water. we were on shore looking at those snowbirds in disbelief. What the hell. you crazy bitches. i did get to work though. i have some money now that i can spend on birthday gifts and blow it all in like a month, awesome. o well summer time is coming up and i will make millions (i wish). ok i have to do my hw for this class b4 tomorrow.
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11:35pm 04/03/2005
mood: tired
So tonight i went to a magic game. It was kinda fun, even though im not the basketball lover. I went with my girlfriend who is a pi phi at ucf. I had a good time and they won so it wasnt a waste to go. Anyway, i cant wait to go home, not because i miss my mom or i hate school but because i need money. I wouldnt mind getting another 300 bucks before coming back to school. ok well im tired.
11:01pm 28/02/2005
mood: relieved
What did Dillard want us to get out of his essay? To me it seems a little too simple to understand what he is trying to relay to us. He obviously has an attraction to the weasel's life. He seems jealous of sort of the weasel. His reasons for jealousy are that it is free and wild. He says "We could live under the wild rose wild as weasels, mute and unapprehending." He also says that if he were a weasel, or wild for that matter, " I could live two days in the den, curled, leaning on mouse fur, sniffing bird bones, blinking, licking, breathing musk, my hair tangled in roots and grasses." Now that sounds like the life. No where does he mention money, work, pain, loss, cars, payments, traffic or any crap we put up with as humans. He says though that we have the choice how we want to live, if we can choose to live these lives then people can "take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience-even of silence- by choice." He just cant think of anything other life than living as a weasel. Not living rich, or on a beach, with a beautiful wife, or huge mansion. He is content hunting day to day and living under a bush next to so called "pond".
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04:05pm 22/02/2005
mood: awesome
So i went to see Dr. Oneill today to discuss me in the class and my family essay. Thank God she is understanding or else i would be fucked. That family essay was the wprst shit i wrote in a long long time. Im actaully considering wiping my ass with it. (dam paper cuts!)

Anyway i feel like a completely new person today. I feel energized and awesome. I had a problem with someone last night and we talked about it and worked it out. It felt so good afterward, we are actually better than we were before the issue. God i love this feeling.